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If you require help with any wiring - from connectors and cables to looms and the latest LED lighting technology, we are your ideal contact.


Full Product Assembly

Whether you need a single prototype or large production run, we specialise in assembling conventional and surface mount printed circuit boards.  

Think we can help?  Then get in touch.  Call us today on 01483 487644

PCB Assembly

prototypes - surface mount - pre-production - product assembly - wiring - printed circuit boards

When you require complete product assembly, together with supply of components and full testing, we can deliver. To complete the process we can also pack and despatch to your required destination.

If you are looking for a leading Contract Electronic Manufacturer, specialising in fast and cost effective  Printed Circuit Board assembly, Wiring and Product assembly, producing top quality products with short lead times, then contact  us  today  on  01483 487644

Contract Electronic Manufacture Experts

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We are ISO 9001 accredited, which means we deliver quality throughout every element of the contract process.

All our staff are IPC trained, providing you with products assembled to the highest manufacturing standards.

We deliver on time, every time, and react to changes in your brief with the minimum of disruption.

Regard us as your overflow production facility. We enable you to hit your customers' deadlines, even when you are at your busiest.

Working with us means that you don't need the practical skills or the investment required for the relevant equipment.

Our experience of the production process enables us to advise you on the best practice to ensure maximum efficiency and lowest assembly costs.

The Benefits We Deliver To You

Total Confidence


Money Saving

Cost Reduction

Overflow Production

Top Quality

Our Guarantee To You

We guarantee the workmanship on all our products for 12 months - giving you total confidence in the quality of our work.

EPS'  flexibility and the quality of their service are the prime reasons why we use them.

D. Hughes Director

Zeno Systems Ltd.

EPS are a key service provider to Next Controls and the service they provide is second to none. In 10 years we have never needed to look for a different supplier.

K. Docree

Next Controls Ltd.

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